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Designed by Ralph Hillman
Designed by Ralph Hillman
Solar Seekers for your RV
The Solar Seeker "Patent Pending “ is the world’s only automatic solar tracking system for RVs.  The Solar Seeker will automatically adjust from 0 degrees up to 45 degrees. This is the highest elevation that you will ever need.  Depending on the time of year or location the system will adjust automatically to the required elevation.  If you have traditional solar panels there are some things that you need to do to maximize your solar power. 

1st Thing: You have to find the “Best Solar spot” to park your rig.

2nd Thing: After you park your rig you have to climb up on the roof to angle your solar panels. We recommend that nobody get on their roof. It’s a dangerous place.

3rd Thing: If you’re lucky you will be able to get some solar power.

The Solar Seeker rotates 360 degrees. This takes the hassle out of trying to find the right spot to park your RV. Park in the spot that pleases you best and let the Solar Seeker take care of your power needs. Most camp grounds dictate the direction that you park. If you have traditional stationary solar panels you could lose most if not all of your solar power. You never have to get on your roof to elevate your panels again.

We incorporated an anemometer in our Solar Seeker. What the anemometer does is, in winds 40 MPH or above, the anemometer will automatically lower the Solar Seeker to the parked position. When the wind subsides the anemometer automatically raises and aims the Solar Seeker to the proper position. During the time the system is in the parked position the power is still going into the batteries and powering your appliances. So, you never need to worry if you're away from your system and the wind comes up that you will get any damage.
The RV Solar Seeker comes in two different sizes. One is equipped with 2-140 watt solar panels and an MPPT solar controller. It will provide you with up to 21 amps of power continuously as long as the sun is shining. This is a tremendous amount of power. It will run most if not all of the appliances in your RV.  The second size is a system with 2-400 watt solar panels and it will produce 1KW of power continuously. This is the king daddy of RV solar trackers. This will not only run all of your appliances it will run your neighbors too.

If you currently have solar panels. No problem. The Solar Seeker has a universal mounting system so, if you have solar panels just get the Solar Seeker tracking system and add your panels then you will have a tracking system. This will increase your current power 10 fold.
Until the release of the Solar Seeker. If you wanted to watch T.V. or use the microwave you had to either buy a lot of stationary solar panels, then climb on your roof and elevate your solar panels. Then if you’re lucky you would be able to watch T.V. for an hour or two depending on how many solar panels you have. Then if you wanted to run the microwave you would have to turn everything off for a while to build up your batteries, then you could run your microwave for 2 minutes. Then keep everything off for an hour or two to get your batteries back up. The air conditioner?? Forget about it. You need to have a large inverter say 3000 watts or more. And you would need a big enough battery bank to run that big of an inverter.
Your other options are a generator. Let’s take a look at a generator. If you want a quiet large enough generator most people will get a Onan 5K or 6K generator. Well, a 5K Onan generator will set you back $6,500.00 Just for the generator then you have fuel costs, maintenance, noise & pollution. Not just that but in 25 years you will have purchased 5 of those generators.
1 Solar Seeker will last 25 + years, no noise, fuel costs, maintenance or Pollution. NO COMPARISON!