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A while back the Federal Government passed a law that states that if you produce more energy than you consume the local utility company has to buy it back from you. The Major problem with that law is that it did NOT state how much the utility company had to pay to buy your energy. In most cases they will only pay pennies on the dollar to buy your power. You see the utility company is not in the business to buy your power so they are going to make it as hard as possible to get anything back. That is why we believe that it is better to cut the cord completely and use battery packs. You never know when the utility company is going to raise their rates or how much they will raise them. The Federal Government as well as most States offer a rebate for the purchase of solar energy products. Our Solar Seeker is eligible for those rebates. Please click on the link below to find out what rebates are available to you. Check back often because the rebates change often. As new rebate information becomes available we will post it here.
Solar Rebate Information
Wind Generator Rebate Information