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Designed by Ralph Hillman
Designed by Ralph Hillman
Residential Systems
Are you looking to take your home to off the grid?  Then Universal Solar Solutions is your answer. We have developed a cost effective Solar Seeker that can be mounted on your roof or on a pole in your yard that will Totally take you off the grid.

If you are looking for a solar system to supplement your power bill or maybe you want to be fully off the grid. We have what you need. Depending on the size of your home or your power needs the Solar Seeker is your answer. The best way to determine your power needs is to take a look at your power bills. They will show you the KWs that you use in a month. Take a month from the middle of the summer and a bill from the middle of the winter. Take those two figures and add them together. Letís say your summer bill is 18KW and your winter bill is 12KW. The total would be 30KW. Next take that figure and divide it by 2. That will give you the average monthly usage. Now, take your average monthly usage and divide it by 30. This will give you your average Daily usage. Now that you have that figure you will be able to determine your power needs. We recommend that you add 50% to your daily power needs. This will protect you against times when you get unexpected guests that use more power. When you have an emergency that requires you to work all night, or when you get a week of solid rain.

So, let say that your daily power usage is 1KW. You would add 50% to that giving you 1.5KW. Because the power from the solar panels is DC voltage and the conversion is between 80% - 90% for AC power. You would need to add 20% to the total. In this case you would need a 2KW per hour system. This is based on 120 volt homes. If you have 220 volt appliances, electric range, electric clothes dryer, or central Air Conditioning, they all run on 220 Volts. For those figures you would need to multiply your daily power needs by 2.5. Based on the figures above you would need a 2.5KW system.

The beauty of the Solar Seeker is that if you only want to start out with a 1KW system at this time. That is just fine because, in the future it is simple to upgrade your system to  a 2KW system or larger system.
Do you already have a Solar Seeker on your home and are you adding an addition to your home? The simply add more power to your system.  Would you like to have power in your garage? The possibilities are endless.
Do you already have solar panels? That Great, you can purchase a tracker from us and add your panels to our tracker and you can get 10 times more power than you currently get. Maybe you won't need all of the panels you have and you can sell them to your neighbor.
If youíre considering solar for your home, without the Solar Seeker. The typical system that solar companies will offer you today is taking solar panels and placing them on the south facing roof, like shingles, covering your entire roof. That system will cost you between $80,000.00 to $100,000.00 to take the average home off the grid.This Is Not Cost Effective to Anyone. The reason that they have to cover your entire south facing roof is because the Best any Stationary solar panel can do is produce 1 (One) hour of Maximum power. The stationary panels will slowly build power when the sun rises then for 1 hour you will get Peek power then it just fades away. 

The next problem with their current "Residential Solar System" is that you have to purchase a dual functioning meter. The current meter at most homes only runs in one direction. From the Power Company to your house. In order to run their "Residential Solar System" you must 1st  purchase a meter that will allow the power to "Flow" back to the Power Company

A few years ago the Government mandated that if you produce more power than you consume the power company Has to buy it back from you. The only problem is that the Government did Not mandate How Much the power company has to pay you to buy back the power. Most cases the power company pays 10% or less to buy back Your power. That means that if you buy power @ $1.00 a KW the power company will only pay you $0.10 to buy your power. You see the power companies are Not in the business to Buy power from you, they are in business to Sell power to you. So they will pay you "Peanuts" for your power. Also, you have to Purchase the new meter so you can sell your power back. That meter can cost you up to $5,000.00. That is Above and Beyond the "Solar Cost". So, before you can even Start to make any money your out
$85,000.00 or More. Does this sound like something you Really want to do?

Let's continue on their way of thinking. 1st you shell out tons of your hard earned money to get solar panels that only produce max power for 1 hour. Next you buy a dual functioning meter, Just so you can sell Your power to a company that is going to pay you $0.10 on the dollar. Really???

So, letís say you do all that. And letís say the 1st year you only pay $150.00 for the entire year of power. That's seems OK. What about next year? You see your power bill, you see the increase in rates. So, the next year you end up paying $500.00 for a yearís power. Still, not a deal breaker. The following year you end up paying $1,200.00 for a yearís power. Now it hurts. The facts are UNDER OBAMA, ELECTRICITY RATES ARE "NECESSARILY" SKYROCKETING.  See video on upper left of this page.

With the Solar Seeker and battery pack you can get up to
25 YEARS OF FREE POWER. Never worry about the power company raising your rates again.