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Designed by Ralph Hillman
The Solar Seeker is the world’s first cost effective, highest quality, solar tracking system.  We spared no expense in manufacturing the Solar Seeker.

Construction: Our frames are constructed of Highly Polished 304 stainless steel. You never have to worry about rust. Stainless steel is one of the world’s strongest metals. It looks great, and you will get decades of service from the stainless steel frame. .

Power Train: There are two motors that make the system track the sun. One motor makes the system rotate 360 degrees. So no matter what your circumstances are the Solar Tracker will work for you. The second motor is the riser motor. This motor adjusts the elevation of the system. The Solar Tracker adjusts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees (which is the highest angle you need at any time of the year and at any location.). Both motors are internally lubricated with lubricant that withstands temperatures from -40 degree F to 140 degrees F.  These motors are sealed and need no maintenance.

Conductors: We use 6 gauge copper stranded wire for the solar power, this assures you that there will be no power loss due to small wires. Some companies use aluminum wires that are 12 gauge. Those wire have a significant loss of power over any considerable length.

Charge Controller: We use MPPT solar controllers in our systems. Most companies use standard solar controllers. We use the higher priced, higher performing MPPT solar controller. We use a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Technology) because the technology allows the MPPT solar controller to increase charge current up to 33% or more compared to conventional charge controllers. Don’t waste money by throwing PV power away! Get the power you paid for with a Solar Boost charge controller. The MPPT Solar Controller provides a precision Multi-stage Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge control system to ensure the battery is properly and fully charged, resulting in enhanced battery performance with less battery maintenance. An equalize function is also included to periodically condition liquid electrolyte lead-acid batteries. A built in LCD digital display monitors solar charge performance. The display shows battery voltage, solar panel current and output charge current. You can actually see current boost working by knowing the difference between solar panel current and output charge current. A charge status LED indicates the present charge mode, and shows when the battery has become fully charged.

Storage: Our system comes with lead acid (Wet Cell) batteries. We have done extensive research on lead acid batteries. With proper care and maintenance a lead acid battery pack can last upwards of 20 years. We also offer Gel, AGM & Lithium-ion battery packs.

AC Power:  We use Pure Sine wave inverters to power your home appliances.  The Pure Sine wave inverters provide the same power that you get from your utility companies. You will never worry about running an appliance or device and having it ruined by a spike delivered by a less reliable power source.  We carry all sizes of inverters to match your needs.

We look forward to earning your business. We believe so strongly in our products that we offer you a proposal. After you get your system installed and reap the benefits from it, and if you refer a person who purchases a system from us we will pay you $200.00 in referral fees. This is a way that you can supplement your cost of the system.  After your system has been installed we would like to get a picture of you and your new system that we can post on our web site.

The Solar Seeker is the Leader in solar tracking systems.  We take great pride in manufacturing the finest quality products that will last a life time. Below are the details of the Solar Seeker.
We manufactured the Solar Seeker with you in mind. We manufacture systems that will supplement your power needs up to taking you off the grid.  By using a battery pack that fits your needs you no longer have to swap power with the utility company.  Our battery packs can last up to 20 plus years. We have systems with the following capabilities.

Depending on how much sunshine you get in a day will determine how big your battery pack needs to be.  Your qualified sales agent can go over your power usage and recommend the correct system for you.  Unlike current solar power sales staff that only wants to make a sale and will tell you what they think you want to hear.  We will never give you misleading information.
The companies that install stationary solar panels on roofs, tell you that they can put a 2KW system on your roof and that it will take care of all your needs. They tell you, “You will produce more power during the day than you consume so, you can sell your excess power to the utility company. Then when the sun goes down you just buy your power back from the utility company.” What they don’t tell you is that, first, your 2KW system is only producing 2KW of power for one hour a day, not every hour. Second, Let’s say that you pay the utility company $1.00 per KWhr of power you purchase from them. When you go to sell them the same KWhr of power they only pay you $0.10. Third, They don’t tell you what happens when the utility company raises its rates.  So, maybe you break even or pay a couple of hundred dollars the first year for power.  The next year you may pay 5-6 hundred dollars for your power. The following year maybe $1,000.00. I’m sure you get the picture. Even though the Federal Government mandated that if you produce more power then you consume [solar, wind or water power generation] the utility company has to purchase it from you. The problem is the Government did not mandate that the utility company has to pay you the same that they charge you. So it is Not a win-win solution. By cutting the umbilical cord you no longer will worry or care what the utility company does.
With the Solar Seeker your intimal costs are much less, and with the correct battery pack and proper maintenance, you can expect 20 plus years of FREE POWER. There is no worry if the utility company raises its rates.

Solar Seeker Tracking System Only. Add your panels and increase your power up to 50%
1KW system with a battery pack to fit your needs.
2KW system with a battery pack to fit your needs.
3KW system with a battery pack to fit your needs.
4KW system with a battery pack to fit your needs.
5KW system with a battery pack to fit your needs.
10KW per hour system with a battery pack to fit your needs